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2020 Sweet 16 Cheesesteak Tournament

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March Cheesesteak MadnessPhiladelphia, PA - March Cheesesteak Madness is a bracket-style tournament of cheesesteaks, After "Round Two" only 16 of the Tr-State Area's best Cheesesteaks joints are still in the running in the Elite 8 Round. Voting is now open for the Elite 8 is ending on 4/18/2020, so be sure to cast your vote once daily for your choice for "The Best Tri-State Cheesesteak!

Bracketology Philadelphia Cheesesteak Madness Elite 8

The Philadelphia Region

The Philadelphia region comes down to the Cheesesteak Old Guard versus the up-and-comers. Representing the Old Guard, we have Dalessandro's versus John's Roast Pork. The up-and-comers are Charlie's Roast Pork and Oh Brother.

1 Charlie’s Roast Pork vs. 5 Oh Brother

The up-and-comers are great additions to the cheesesteak universe. Oh Brothers online menu and found their French Onion cheesesteak and/or the Shroom Truffle cheesesteak. This place has delicious cheesesteaks, a great location, and they are BYOB. However, they are up against Charlie's Roast Pork, and I do have Charlie's Roast Pork seeded number 1. I am very fond of how everything at Charlie’s works very well together, seeded roll, good meat, fun atmosphere, and they're connected to a Beer Boutique. This is an outstanding matchup.

2 John’s Roast Pork vs. 6 Dalessandro’s

The Old Guard. When I first started asking people where their favorite Cheesesteak place was, it felt like every third person said Dalessandro’s. Both of these places have been serving up great cheesesteaks for decades and have enormous followings. For me, I love Dalessandro's meat, it's an outstanding chop with great flavor. At John's Roast Pork, I think the location and seeded roll get you started down a great road. The great matchup of two Titans in the tri-state world.

The Delco Region

The Delco region has a lot more drama in it than I thought it would. Cinderella, aka Leo’s Steak Shop, is dancing in the Delco region. We also have the passing of the torch from the long-standing stalwart to a newcomer with a lot of enduring traits.

2 Wilson’s Secret Sauce vs. 3 The Original Thunderbirds

Since 1956, The Original Thunderbirds has been making cheesesteaks as well as a great neighbor in Broomall. Wilson’s Secret Sauce makes a great brisket cheesesteak and does some lovely things in the community as well. But, change isn’t always a bad thing, and if Wilson’s Secret Sauce moves on to the next round, I think Delco will still be in good hands.

5 Anna’s Sandwich Shop vs. 16 Leo’s Steak Shop

This is a matchup of similar cheesesteaks, and they are within a couple of miles of each other. They are very similar, but I think Leo's has more meat. For everything else, I would give the nod to Anna’s. Unfortunately for Anna’s size does matter, and I do not think Cinderella is ready to leave the dance.

The NJ/DE Region

These cheesesteaks are as diverse as the region itself. Angelo's seeded Sarcone roll, Donkey’s poppy seed roll, 322 BBQ brisket, and Meatheadz, spelled with a z, dripping steak, you do not get more diverse than that.

1 Angelo’s Pizzeria vs 4 322 BBQ

I really enjoyed 322 BBQ, the Brisket Cheesesteak is excellent, and the people are great. But this is a Cheesesteak competition, and Angelo's makes the perfect cheesesteak. They are well deserving of all the great reviews they received, and I know there in Philadelphia now, but they are doing their birth state proud.

2 Meatheadz vs. 6 Donkey’s Place

These two couldn't be any more diverse. Donkey’s Place, where people have been bellying up to the bar for a beer and Donkey’s signature cheesesteak on a poppy seed roll with sauteed onions since 1943. Goes up against Meatheadz take out (covered picnic tables) Drippin steak served with provolone cheese and house-made au jus. The dripping Steak was my number 1 Cheesesteak last year. Still, Donkey’s Place being mentioned on a national sitcom vs. Meatheadz being mentioned by me on has me worried.

The Other Counties Region

I love how the matches are lined up in this round.  Another diverse region with each County putting it’s the best cheesesteak forward.  Great representation of what this region has to offer.

2 DiBruno Bros vs 6 Hog Island Steaks

Hog Island conjures up images of hard-working immigrants eating cold cuts on long rolls while the mainline has you craving a decadent small plate meal.  Di Bruno Brothers make what I consider a fabulous small plate cheesesteak. They use quality ingredients and put them together magnificently. Hog Island Steaks from its strip mall location makes a very good traditional cheesesteak around very good finely chopped flavorful meat. 

4 Penn Brew Station vs 16 Tony Joe’s Great house of Eats

Where do you want to be sitting while you eat your cheesecake and drink your beer?  Penn Brew station is a nice laid-back Deli/Craft beer store while Tony Joe's offers a completely different atmosphere with their funky bar/restaurant setting in a renovated historic building.  Both offer very good cheesesteaks. Penn Brew Station is maybe a little more traditional and meaty. Tony Joe's with a whole restaurant kitchen may add a touch of culinary flair to their cheesesteak.  

Voting Link for The Final Four - Limit on Vote per Day per Match-up

March Cheesesteak Madness | The Final Four

Sponsored by the PCA (The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure). Check out the  March Cheesesteak Madness Rules and Detail and instructions on how to Fill Out Your Cheesesteak Bracket and finally Download Your Bracket HERE: Cheesesteak_Bracket.pd

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"I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. I've eaten over 550 different cheesesteaks in the last 22 months. I am hoping to use my new found Cheesesteak knowledge to help fill the void in our lives left by the canceling of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament". - Jim Pappas


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