What is New Jersey State Bird?

What is New Jersey State Bird?

What is New Jersey State Bird?

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Eastern GoldfinchPhiladelphia, PA - New Jersey waited long to name its state bird, a goldfinch.  In its 159th meeting, the New Jersey legislature chose this bird as the state's official symbol. It shares this state symbol with six other states. But today, the goldfinch isn't the only bird that calls the Garden State home.

A golden eagle, a type of owl, was once considered the state bird, but a more colorful and recognizable bird has since replaced it.  The state bird of New Jersey is the American goldfinch, also known as the Eastern Goldfinch. It is a tiny yellow canary bird that feeds on ragweed seeds.

The American goldfinch is also the state bird of Iowa and Washington. The goldfinch can be found throughout the Garden State. The species is found primarily in open woodlands, meadows, and forests but can also be found in open fields. During the breeding season, goldfinches can be found nesting in various parts of North America.

About The Eastern Goldfinch

The Eastern goldfinch is a small bird with a yellow body and black tail. It feeds mainly on plant seeds. It feeds during the daytime. Goldfinches have long legs and claws. They raise one brood a year.

During breeding, male goldfinches have a yellow body and black wings with white stripes. Their black and white wings help them blend in with the grass. During migration, they flock together in large flocks. The male goldfinch molts in March when it's time to reproduce. The females have duller feathers and no head patches.

The goldfinch is often associated with good fortune and wealth. Its cheerful song and colorful plumage are uplifting and cheerful. It's also associated with the abundance of nature and the wisdom that comes from sharing freely. It is an important symbol for people who want to live well and prosper.

American goldfinches form pair bonds every breeding season. They mate in late July or early August. The male selects a territory, and the pair begins courtship. Male goldfinches perform aerial displays and sing to attract a female. When they select a female, the male marks the territory by warbling while flying from perch to perch. Two to seven eggs are laid during the breeding season. The young birds can fly just two weeks after hatching. Most young stay with their parents for about a month before leaving the nest.

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