Honeybrook PA: Visit to Wyebrook Farm

Honeybrook PA: Visit to Wyebrook Farm

Honeybrook PA: Visit to Wyebrook Farm (Photos: PhilMyTummy)

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PhillyBite10Located in Honeybrook, PA, an hour and 10 minutes outside of Philadelphia, is one of my most favorite places to go for Sunday Brunch- Wyebrook Farm. You get to eat directly on the farm, with the freshest food you can imagine (it’s grown right there!) The food is delicious, and the scenery is gorgeous- it feels like you’re eating in a painting.

Wyebrook produces all their meats and produce without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics. They sell the products directly from the farm, and wybrook2raise the animals used for their meat-Grass Fed Beef, Heritage Pork, Pastured Chicken, Lamb and Goat. Every part of the animal is used, whether its for one of the dishes served in the farm, or sold in the market.

Tours of the farm are encouraged (either walking yourself, or guided on a tractor), so you can see exactly where the food you are eating comes from. The property is huge, and you can easily spend hours there. The farm is beautiful. As soon as you walk around the back of the farmhouse, you can see just how big this farm is (and if you walk the grounds, you’ll really get a feel for it!) They have pigs, chickens, cows, goats, a duck pond, a tire swing- you name it, it’s there. If you happen to show up before your reservation be sure to walk around and explore (and then explore again after you eat). The restaurant itself is also beautiful. You can eat inside the cobblestone farm house, or if the weather is nice, (in the summer months), you can sit in their outdoor patio- either under their brand new covered deck, or out under the sun.wybrook3

There is a Cafe, with items featuring the meats and vegetables from the farm. Cafe service is open Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 11AM-3PM. (Reservations are not needed for the Cafe).

Dinner is offered Wednesday-Saturday from 5PM-9PM- and reservations are required. Keep in mind that the Butcher Shop on the farm closes at 6 pm, so if you want to bring any meats home with you after, be sure to call ahead. Sunday Brunch is my favorite, and is served every Sunday from 10am-3pm. Reservations are required, and can get pretty crowded. There’s just something so relaxing about ending your weekend on the farm, eating delicious food, with good company.


Forgot to make reservations? Don’t worry too much. Inside the farm house is a market, where you can buy fresh cheese, meat, and produce, and you can sit on the farm grounds and have yourself a picnic. The farm sometimes has live music (they do a Spring Music Festival and a Fall Music Festival), so this is a perfect option for enjoying the music.

The farm also offers yoga during the summer, so be sure to check out their schedule- you can get your savasana on before a delicious brunch. And that’s not all- the farm also offers various classes, where you can learn how to butcher meat, make a perfect charcuterie board, or make fresh sausage. These classes are the perfect hands-on experience, and sell out fast, so make sure to sign up quickly if you want to go!

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