Burger King's Halloween Whopper Causes Green Poop

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PhillyBite.com (Oct 1, 2015) - Burger King recently introduced its Halloween Whopper special, It's a Whopper on a black bun with A1 Sauce. This scary looking whooper is not the only thing scary about the burger though. Being that their is not polite way to describe your next Whooper "surprise" will just say it "Green Poop", as it turns out the die used to make the black burgers has been turning customers poo green. Twitter was flooded with tweets from customers reporting their experiences withing hours of consuming the burger.

Twitter Comments

"Don't eat Burger King's Halloween Burger. It makes your poop a toxic green color"

"Well, the Halloween Whopper turned my poop sea green. Thus ends that chapter in my life."

"Hello @BurgerKing your Halloween sandwich turned my poop green is this a continued part of the spooks or should I see a doctor"

From Burger Kings Website - "Introducing the A.1.® Halloween WHOPPER® Sandwich with A.1.® flavor baked into the black bun. The sandwich is a ¼ lb.* of savory flame-grilled beef topped with melted American cheese, ripe tomatoes, crisp iceberg lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, A.1.® Thick and Hearty Sauce, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun with A.1.® flavor baked into the bun."

On a side note - Last year, Burger King released a Black Burger in Japan, and the bun was colored with squid ink. BK has not officially revealed how they concocted the black bun in the U.S. version, but rumor has it that blue and red dyes are the answer.

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