The Halal Guys in Northeast Philadelphia

The Halal Guys Grand Opening

Photos: Amaris Pollock

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PhillyBite10Philadelphia, PA - On March 24th, The Halal Guys celebrated their Grand Opening in Northeast Philadelphia. This is the 3rd location in Philadelphia, bringing the NYC eatery to fans who live locally.The owners Naveen Mohiuddin, Saquib Rashid, and Imran Mazhar opened up their new location off of 2550 Grant Ave in Northeast Philadelphia. What's even better is that due to the increasing popularity, this trio of owners are already looking for their next location.

Haila Guys FamilyNaveen Mohiuddin and FamilyIt makes sense, because this booming franchise has been slated to have up to 200 locations worldwide. According to Saquib Rashid, “Our first Halal Guys, which is located in King of Prussia received phenomenal feedback. So a year and a half in, we went in search of a new location with a diverse community. Northeast Philly has a need for a high diversity of food, and our food works well for this community.”

This franchise truly is an example of achieving the American dream, starting out as a hot dog cart in NYC in 1990, the three original founders, Muhammed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed, grew their business into the successful quick eats franchise that you see today. Expanding their American Halal food and making it available to fans of The Halal Guys outside of New York City.

When asked how they decided to open The Halal Guys, partial owner Saquib Rashid stated, “We would go to NYC and loved eating at The Halal Guys, we loved the food there. So when The Halal Guys decided to expand into a franchise and they contacted Naveen about opening one in Philadelphia. It was a 2 minute conversation.” The conversation was so short because of the love that all three of these owners share of the food that is offered on the menu, and they wanted to bring it closer to home.

Halal Guys PlateHalal Guys Plate

What makes them stand out? They don't compromise on their quality of their ingredients, making sure that only the best goes into what they make, ensuring the flavor and consistency of what they provide is just as good the first time you visit as it is each time you come back.

On THG website under the Our Mission section, the company states that, “We firmly believe in treating every person who comes to us with appreciation, honor, dignity, and respect. We teach this concept to everyone who comes to work at The Halal Guys. To us, customer service goes beyond our carts and stores, it is who we are and this principle is ingrained in all our partners.”

And true to that statement, I watched as every customer who walked through the door was treated with high regard. And something that I do not usually see happening at a fast food place, they had staff members walking around and meeting whatever needs the customer had. I even watched as one of the owners, Naveen Mohiuddin, helped an elderly man back into his wheelchair.

In my opinion, treating someone you don't know with such care and respect is beyond admirable. Just on that accord, I would go back again. And I haven't even touched base on what keeps customers coming back: their food.

With THG's simplified menu options, it gives even the most indecisive eater delicious and clear options to choose from. And with their famous Red and White sauces, you can choose to eat your meal with a lot of spice, mix it up and have a milder experience, or simply enjoy the creamy white sauce on it's own. Whatever you choose, I know that you'll enjoy their made to order fresh and tasty meals.


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