Bratwurst Sunday Dinner Recipe (Photos: Chef Michael Van Houten)

Philadelphia, PAPhillyBite Bratwurst Sunday Dinner Recipe - One of the most significant Sunday traditions that have developed over the last thirty years is hosting football parties; additionally, home tailgating has become a favorite theme. A fun thing to do as a chef, take seemingly simple ingredients, add a unique twist to the recipe and make it upscale.

Foil Pack Cheesy Sausages & Potatoes

Recipe &Cooking Corner - TABASCO Sauce has teamed up with Chelsea Lords of Chelsea’s Messy ApronFoil Pack Cheesy Sausages & Potatoes - Created by Blogger Chelsea Lords of Chelsea’s Messy Apron. Don’t let complicated food foil your game day plans. The recipe for tailgating success lies in food that is fun and packed full of flavor. TABASCO Sauce has teamed up with Chelsea Lords.



Burgers 101: The Juicy Loosey

PhillyBite10The Juicy Loosey - A Jucy Lucy or Juicy Lucy is a cheesy cheeseburger with the cheese inside the meat patty instead of on top, resulting in gooey melted core of cheese within the patty.

Tomatillo Michelada by Mixologist Jose Medina

Tomatillo Michelada by Mixologist Jose MedinaRecipe & Cooking Corner - Tomatillo Michelada - Created by Mixologist Jose Medina Camacho of The Marble Ring (U.S.). Put your game face on, its tailgating season! Don’t let complicated food foil your game day plans. The recipe for tailgating success lies in food that is fun and packed full of flavor.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris

PhillyBite Chef 101Philadelphia, PA - One of the greatest benefits of from-scratch cooking is the cost saving factor. Purchasing “raw products” and creating a healthy, delicious meal is rewarding. When my wife and I grocery shop, she spends some time creating a good shopping list, which leads us to saving between 40-50% on our grocery bill. Here are some other tips;

PhillyBite1Philadelphia, PA - The second season for grilling is in full swing. An incredible time of year to be spending next to the grill, taking in the beautiful aromas of the charcoals burning while enjoying some of the most comfortable weather the year has to offer. This week’s Sunday Dinner recipe really brings to light how to naturally extract the most flavor our ingredients have to offer; lightly cured salmon that’s finished on the grill, with baby bok choy, lentils, and Bottled Thyme’s delicious Bordelaise Sauce as the perfect complement to the salmon.

Cooking 101: Cooking Techniques From Chef Michael Van Houten

Philadelphia, PAPhillyBite10 - There are several techniques that are used almost entirely in cooking. These are some of the first things they teach in culinary school, outside of knife skills. (If you have questions about different knife cuts, please email me your question at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There are 2 basic ways to break down cooking methods; dry method (roasting, sautéing) and wet method (steaming, boiling).

Avery Island Wings

PhillyBite Avery Island WingsPhiladelphia, PA - Avery Island Wings, don’t let complicated food foil your game day plans. The recipe for tailgating success lies in food that is fun and packed full of flavor. TABASCO Sauce has teamed up with  Chef Tom Douglas of  Seattle Kitchen to create some winning recipes that are sure to spice up your tailgating line-up.

Photo by Aaron Thomas

Philadelphia, PAPhillyBite Cooking - As the nights begin to get a little cooler and back to school shopping takes its toll on your energy, why not sit down for an easy comforting meal to recharge you for the next day? One go-to that I love is Chicken Alfredo over a bed of pasta.  Most of us have the ingredients in our fridge, so this is a quick fix if you’re in a bind.  And if you are like me and have Karv Meals, which is a home-delivery service providing all the wonderful proteins your body needs, then you have no worries for when the question of, “What’s for dinner?” is asked.

Flank Steak Sunday Dinner

PhillyBitePhiladelphia, PA - Just because summer has ended does not mean that grilling season has. The crisp autumn air makes the smell of charcoals burning to seem that much more special. Taking sometime outside in nature, observing the leaves changing colors shortly before floating to the ground is one of the best stress releases out there. This week for Sunday Dinner I wanted to discuss a steak dish that I find to be quintessentially September; grilled flank steak with charred corn relish and toasted rice pilaf.

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