BBQ 101: How to Grill Mussels

BBQ 101: How to Grill Mussels

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Grilling mussels is really easy to do, just throw clean mussels on a hot grill. Grilling mussels is really easy to do, just throw clean mussels on a hot grill. The only thing left is to decide is how many you want to cook. A general rule of thumb is to have least 1/2 lb. per person as an appetizer or about 2 lbs. per person for a main course. For larger gatherings you'll have to grill in batches – an average backyard grill can hold about 3 lbs. of mussels so plan to break them into groups. Here is how it done!

 Grilling Mussels:

  1. First, fire up the grill until medium-high to high heat (This can be determined by holding your hand over the cooking grate for about 1 to 3 seconds, until your palm get too hot).
  2. Meanwhile, check your mussels. Mussels should be alive when you cook them and remember to always throw away any mussels that do not close tightly when you tap on them.
  3. Now throw your mussels on the grill and cook (placing the cover on grill) at least until your mussels begin open. When are they done? That really up to you, taste differ and it depends on how you like them. Mussels can be just barely cooked, leaving them soft and tender; or cooked until they're almost well done with the flesh starting to shrink and getting crispy on the edges.

Remember, always serve mussels hot, right off the grill and enjoy!

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