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Lancaster Food Company - Hiring of People with Employment Obstacles

Lancaster Food Company - Hiring of People with Obstacles (Photo: LFC)

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LANCASTER, PA – The Lancaster Food Company announces expansion into an 8200-square-foot facility, doubling its workforce by the end of 2016. The only certified organic food company in Lancaster, PA, the company’s mission includes paying better-than-living wages and hiring people who might otherwise have difficulty getting work because of personal histories, education, literacy, or language barriers.

The Lancaster Food Company’s mission is to create extraordinary food sourced from nearby organic farmers and hire people out of poverty into thriving-wage jobs. The founders started the company to help address the high level of poverty in the City of Lancaster.

A PA Benefit Corporation, Lancaster Food Company is on the leading edge of worker compensation, offering a $15 minimum wage (more than double the PA standard), and setting aside 30% of the company for its employees through stock options. “People should benefit from the value they help to create,” says co-founder and CEO Charlie Crystle.

Sold in more than 110 stores like Whole Foods, Wegmans, and independents throughout the East Coast, the company makes certified organic sandwich breads including soft white, sprouted multigrain, whole wheat, sandwich rye, cinnamon raisin, and seeded heritage grain. The brand also offers two varieties of organic maple syrup.

Living in a farm-friendly area where fresh organic produce thrives, Lancaster Food Company shares the best of Central Pennsylvania’s certified organic ingredients.

Partners Charlie Crystle and Craig Lauer started The Lancaster Food Company with a dual mission: having significant impact on the city of Lancaster – which has a 30% poverty rate – and making delicious, sustainable food. Passionate about reducing poverty in the United States, the team wants to do its part where they live by paying better than living wages, hiring people who might otherwise have difficulty getting work, and offering stock options to all employees. Learn more at www.thelancasterfoodcompany.com.

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